About Us




Rajinder Saini has higher degrees in Agriculture sciences (M.Sc. Plant Sciences, Ph.D. Crop Sciences) and more than forty-five years’ experience which includes basic and applied research, crop & nursery management, technology transfer, agri-business management, export development and organising training in horticulture. He participates in the technology transfer through bringing out suitable publications and has 47 articles in national and international periodicals covering different crops and Agri-ecological zones. For more than twenty years in New Zealand, he set up and successfully managed ‘plant propagation operation’ business on a commercial scale.

Director / Business Manager

Ravi manages the operations and key marketing aspects of the plant propagation business which includes commercial vegetable-seedlings contracts, native plant production and supplies and managed the orchid export division. He has a Bachelor of Business in marketing and management, post graduate diploma in business administration and MBA from the university of Auckland. He handles Rupex Growtech’ day-to-day operations and overall management.

Director / Manager

Jatinder holds a degree in Biological Sciences and has been involved in the Greenhouse management for more than twenty years. She looks after day-to-day management of the greenhouses and monitors plug-plant quality.

Why Rupex?

We are committed to providing an excellent service to commercial growers through the following:
Personal attention to each Grower:

We carry through separate seeding programs and cater to the specific needs of each grower. As we deal directly with the growers, we get first-hand feedback from the field which enables us to take steps immediately to address the situation. Being owner-operated the decision-making and implementation process is very prompt and unambiguous.
High quality seedlings at reasonable price:

We have set up a very cost-effective plug-plant production operation and are well-positioned to give high-quality service at a very competitive price to our customers.
Introducing new varieties:

We work closely with different seed suppliers to trial new breeding materials and introduce them to the growers’ fields, bringing the benefit of improved varieties at an early stage.
Best quality seed at good price:

Operating in this field for more than a decade, we have developed a healthy business relationship with renowned seed companies in the country. This enables us to procure the best quality seed and make it available to the growers at very competitive prices.
Track record of performance:

We have successfully served the growing community for more than a decade, by producing good quality plug-plants in adequate numbers and supplying them on time.
Professionally managed nursery:

The Company is managed by qualified managers who have the experience and competence to produce and supply the right quality of planting materials for all your cropping needs.


Rupex Growtech Ltd is logistically located in Karaka where it has set up a cost effective and modern plug plant-plant facility. Being located at the fringes of the main growing area of Pukekohe, it combines the advantages of being reasonably away from the growing belt to minimize chances of ‘disease & insect pests’ flow back, while maintaining easy accessibility to the growing community. Being less than half an hour drive from Auckland Internationl Airport, it is also conveniently placed for overseas visitors.

Land And Buildings

About 25 acres of north-facing land, with a new custom-designed 6000 square meter of greenhouse space, ample outdoor area for hardening the seedlings, with adequate work and support buildings.


Water Resources

We have a bore hole with commercial / horticultural drawing rights, reservoir with more than 1000 cubic meter capacity, water treatment unit, and water tanks to store sterilised water. This ensures that we can produce high quality seedlings all year round.


Machinery And Equipments

We are equipped with a high-speed custom-built drum Seeder for main sowings, a precision pneumatic sowing machine for specific sowings, and a manual seeding machine for smaller lots of seeds. To handle the planting materials we. have ample steel and wood pallets and delivery racks with a capacity to house about 10 million plants in the peak summertime.

Our Role

as a wholesale ‘vegetable seed and plug plants’ supplier

Fresh produce supply chain

In the good old days, people would pick whatever vegetables were ready from their backyard and cook the freshest food for their family. Since those simple times the things have changed considerably, and today’s consumer demands the same freshness of food for all the products, all the time, around the year, ready to go, at the place of their convenience. As a result, massive set up commonly referred to as ‘Fresh produce supply chain’ has come into operation worldwide.

This supply chain carries a massive responsibility on its shoulders and operates 24/7 to put all the options on the customers’ shelves and the consumers’ tables. This supply chain operates on forward contracting. The supermarkets and the fast food chains determine their daily, weekly and thereby yearly requirements. To secure this year round supply they sign long term delivery contracts with the commercial growers.

Our role in the supply chain:

Once growers have finalised their projected weekly harvesting requirements, then we sit with them to finalise their weekly transplanting and our sowing schedule in the nursery. For developing this schedule we take three factors into consideration:
      • Growing time in the nursery and the field for each batch which varies considerably with the seasons,
      • Picking the right varieties depending on the growing period, harvesting time and market requirements. Wherever possible we introduce buffering ability in the production system, by using varieties with different genetic backgrounds,
      • Working out suitable numbers in each batch to compensate for the variation in produce size as well as wastage.
Once the crop ‘sowing-transplanting-harvesting schedules’ have been finalised, we proceed to implement them by procuring seeds, carrying out weekly sowings and following each batch through, to supply the required number of plug plants.