Native Plants

We area commercial plant propagator operating for over 20 years. We produce native seedlings for Landscapers and revegetation projects. We mainly grow to contract and some on spec basis, in 338. 144 and 50 cell trays for supplying to other businesses.

Coprosma Repens

Some of the common plants we produce are (but not limited to):

    • Grasses:  Carexe spp.
    • Flax: Phorium Cookianums, tenex, etc.
    • Manuka and Kanuka 
    • Pittosporums 
    • Coprosma repens and robusta
    • Apodasmia similis (Oioi)
    • Plagianthus spp. (Ribbon wood)
    • Cryptomeria japonica (Japanese cedar) 
    • Casuarina Spp and Many more 
Pittosporum Eugenioides
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Native plant
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Dedicated sowing line for Native seedlings
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Native Seedlings Delivery

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, stock availability and pricing.

Team Rupex.